What is WORTHY?

“WORTHY - WORld wars Toward Heritage for Youth” aims to address the urgent need to modernise schools, looking at the decrease in basic competences, coupled with fast technological progress and globalisation, and to enable schools to create European citizens who approach life with wonder, humility and a profound social conscience.

We are developing and testing an innovative approach whose main aim is to motivate 13-19 year old students to reflect more (at school, at home and in their communities) about the fact that History is not only about things 'a long time ago and far away' but it is about all that makes humanity human, up close and personal, and to encourage students to enjoy more the experience of studying history.

To engage even the most unmotivated and underperforming students WORTHY combines customised study paths with digital creativity. We will explore various solutions to ‘digitally augment’ the experience of students while studying facts. We wish to turn the physical documents, maps, photos, objects and stories into a living history - an intense-lived experience for young students who can participate, transform and augment what they will find at home asking to their families to recover the stories of their relatives during War, thus applying digital competences, collaborating with peers, developing new skills and, ultimately, being more engaged in recreating history. The WORTHY approach will be supported at school, as well as at home through the engagement of parents.

Outputs & Resources

Training Course for Augmented teachers

A comprehensive training curriculum articulated in 8 sessions to develop knowledge and skills in teaching and learning using the WORTHY approach.

training course on parental engagement

A training course to equip parent educators and teachers with strategies for developing students’ skills and motivation to recover history and their families' stories by applying the WORTHY approach

Mobility for augmented historians

4 short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Italy, Germany, Poland and Croatia to deepen the cooperation among involved schools and to provide pupils with an engaging exchange revolving around WW history and ‘augmented historians’.

Who's behind the project?

Be an augmented teacher

WORTHY needs teachers from different disciplines to help develop and test our resources! We need you!


• To experiment a new model in your classroom to convince the most reluctant students to engage with history while strengthening their digital skills
• To join flexible and high quality training opportunities and courses for your professional development
• To get a Certification as Augmented Teacher and support us in disseminating the model and resources in your territory
• To strengthen your European profile and boost the internationalisation of your school by joining a local team of highly qualified teachers


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